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I paint with exuberance and fluidity, revelling in the application of the oils, pushing and pulling, chasing around the canvas, some of the marks are bold, almost violent others more delicate.
The painting develops with instinct and passion; the works evolve beyond the original thought. Many start with landscape but often move into more veiled themes, perhaps glimpses into something otherworldly.
They reflect the morning and the sounds of nature, before the world wakes with all its confusion and the evening when peace returns.
The moon, a recurring theme, so bright, stimulates the mind to think of quiet and dark and what lies beyond our vision.
Colours form from influences and experiences seen, palettes changing and reflecting new ideas and events, history always calling to the artist.
I have recently returned to Shropshire after 8 extraordinary years living in the east of Portugal, very close to the spanish border. My experiences there have had a profound effect on my current work, some more obvious such as light and colour and others more subtle such as culture, lifestyle and attitudes.
It is now a very exciting time for my work seeing how a return to the United Kingdom will inspire and also perhaps cause conflict with my recent time in Portugal


May 1995 Arts Centre, Grantham.
December 1999 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury.
May 2000 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury.
August 2000 Peter Scott Centre, London.
May 2001 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury.
March/April 2005 The New Gallery, Birmingham.
July 2005 Invited Artist, Lichfield Festival.
August 2005 Wildlife Trust Gallery, Shrewsbury.
May 2012 Ficar Cultural Association, Portalegre, Portugal
May/June 2013 Tempo Sem Fim Gallery, Portugal
July/Aug 2014 Gallery, Portalegre Castle, Portugal

March 1994 Guild Gallery, Bristol.
March 1997 Royal West of England Academy.
April 1997 School House Gallery, Bath.
July 1998 Mall Galleries, London.
February 2000 Francis Isles Gallery, Rochester.
June 2000 Francis Isles Gallery, Rochester.
January 2001 Medici Gallery, London.
March 2001 Medici Gallery, London.
September 2001 Oriel 31, Newtown.
April 2003 Road Range Gallery, Liverpool.
July 2004 The New Gallery, Birmingham.
November 2004 The New Gallery, Birmingham.
February 2005 Kooywood Gallery, Cardiff.
June 2006 Kooywood Gallery, Cardiff.
August 2006 Highgate Gallery, London.
January 2007 Highgate Gallery, London.

Public Art
1997 Artist in residence, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Arundel.
1999-2000 Murals for millennium project, Wetland Centre, London.
2000 Large Canvases for The National Trust.
2000 Murals and paintings for visitor centre, Kent.
2002 Paintings for the Environment Agency.
2005 Sculpture for lake on nature reserve, Wales.